Wake County and Chatham County Improper Equipment Lawyer

What is a reduction to improper equipment?

Many clients who are new to North Carolina or who have received their first speeding tickets may not understand how insurance points and DMV points work.  When you receive a speeding ticket you could lose your license or find yourself with a much higher car insurance premium.  The goal for most tickets is to avoid DMV points and insurance points. 

Improper Equipment is a non-moving violation which comes with no insurance points and no DMV points. Unless your case is dismissed a reduction to improper equipment is the best outcome from a North Carolina speeding ticket. A reduction of your speeding ticket to improper equipment is possible for some drivers in Wake County and Chatham County North Carolina.

Only a District Attorney can reduce a speeding ticket to improper equipment and it is a discretionary decision on the part of the Assistant District Attorney in traffic court.  Wake County has general guidelines for what kinds of tickets/drivers can have a speeding ticket reduced to improper equipment.

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