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Receiving a traffic ticket for unsafe movement is a huge inconvenience in your life but if handled improperly, this traffic ticket can lead to serious legal and financial consequences down the road.  Most motorists are under the belief that they do not need an attorney to handle their traffic ticket and in a limited number of instances they are correct.  However, in most situations a free consultation with an attorney will keep more points off your driving record and keep your insurance premiums lower than if you handled the ticket yourself.  Contact the Law Offices of Wiley Nickel at (919) 585-1486, to find out how you can keep your driving record clean and more money in your pocket.

A plea or conviction for the traffic offense of "unsafe movement" carries 4 driver’s license points and will cause your insurance premiums to increase by 25%.   Officers typically write these tickets when there is a car wreck. The officer will write this ticket based on whom they believe caused the accident but often times they have insufficient evidence to establish who really caused the wreck.  There are multiple ways to fight a traffic ticket for unsafe movement, if you hire an experienced wake county traffic ticket attorney.  Generally if you can provide proof that all damages have been paid by your insurance company then there is a good possibility the case can be dismissed.

Wake County Unsafe Movemenent Speeding Ticket lawyer

Did you know that if you have received a traffic ticket in the state of North Carolina there are serious implications to paying off your fine or pleading guilty in court? If you have been charged with a traffic offense such as unsafe movement then there is crucial information you need to know before progressing any further with your charge.

Unsafe movement is a term used to represent traffic violations such as unsafe lane changes or unsafe turning. When driving, the best we can do is to be alert at all times and make sure we are abiding by the law. However, as humans, there is always the possibility for error or mistake. This is true even in the world of driving. A quick lane change after looking in all of the appropriate places may still be executed incorrectly. A right turn on a red light may look clear before a speeding driver suddenly appears before you as the turn is happening. In situations like these, an unsafe movement may occur.

Raleigh Unsafe Movement Lawyer Wiley Nickel is in traffic court on a daily basis and has developed a great relationship among prosecutors, judges, and fellow attorneys.  Mr. Nickel is a former Prosecutor and is able to look at your case from both sides.  He personally handles each case and will work with prosecutors to get your traffic matter dismissed or plead down to a lesser offense when possible.  Often times Mr. Nickel can appear in court on your behalf so that you can avoid the long lines and drawn out process of traffic court. Mr. Nickel will attend to your case in an expeditious manner and will notify you of the disposition of your case once it has been handled.

Why do I need to hire a lawyer when I can handle this myself?

Some people can handle speeding tickets on their own but ultimately the low cost to hire an attorney generally outweighs the work and stress involved to handle your own unsafe movement traffic ticket.  When hiring an attorney you can rest assured that he or she will handle your ticket the best way possible.  If you try to act as your own lawyer then you have no way to know if you are getting the best possible deal or outcome.  An error in dealing with a ticket can cause your car insurance to go up considerably for three years if mishandled. From a time management standpoint it is a huge time drain to deal with your own unsafe movement ticket.  There are hundreds of traffic tickets on the traffic court docket in room 101 in the Wake County Courthouse every day.  In order to handle an unsafe movement ticket you are looking at possibly 2-5 court appearances before you receive you insurance letter.  Wait times for the public can be up to two hours to stand in line and wait for your shuck, then to wait for the DA to see you and then finally to wait or the judge to call your case.  You also have the drive time to court and the cost of paid parking downtown.  All in all the math just doesn't work out compared to the relatively low cost of hiring a local attorney who can appear in court on our behalf.


If you have received an unsafe movement violation, don't despair! There is still time to get the help you need to defend yourself in court against this charge. The law in North Carolina can be tricky, especially for those who aren't in a profession that requires distinct familiarity with all of the law's intricacies. Luckily, a local Raleigh traffic defense lawyer can help. We are a local firm with extensive knowledge about all types of traffic offenses, from unsafe movement to driving on a suspended license.

When you're looking for someone who cares about you and the outcome of your case then you need look no further than the Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC. Our philosophy centers around the client's wants and needs. We are invested in your case just as much as you are, so you can trust that we will do everything in our power to provide you with the best possible results for your traffic offense.

To learn more about how you can begin receiving the defense you deserve, contact a Raleigh traffic defense attorney today.

The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel can help save you time and money.

  • As both a former prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, I have experience on both sides of the case for traffic tickets.
  • We offer affordable fees and you will know up-front the full cost of handling your ticket when you hire our firm.
  • You can generally pay on a payment plan.
  • For most offenses we can appear in court on your behalf so you do not have to miss valuable time away from work or school.
  • My practice focuses almost exclusively on traffic violations and criminal defense.
  • We will analyze the facts or your case, examine you driving record, and approach your case with the individualized attention it deserves.

At the Law Offices of Wiley Nickel we offer a FREE Confidential Consultation with an experienced traffic ticket attorney at an affordable price.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with you in person or over the phone to discuss your traffic matter and give you advice that will be tailored to your particular situation.  Contact our firm today at 1 (919) 585-1486 or by e-mail at and know that you are in good hands.