List of reasons you lost your license and have been charged with (DWLR) Driving While License Revoked

I handle a fair amount of DWLR cases in Wake County and often my clients don't know why their license was revoked in the first place.  This is a list of reasons why one's driving privilege may have been revoked in North Carolina.

1.  DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)       
2.  Driving After Consuming alcohol under 21 years of age   
3.  Speeding  15 mph over the speed limit if the limit is 55 
4.  Second charge of speeding  15 mph over the limit in 60 days    
 5.  Speeding and reckless driving on the same date   
6.  Two convictions of speeding over 55 in one year
7.  Conviction of Speeding and Reckless driving within 1 year                                                                                                            
8.  Willful spontaneous racing with another motor vehicle
9.  Driving after Judge ordered non-operation of motor vehicle as part of suspended sentence.
10.  Speeding over 75 mph in 55-65 mph zone
11.  Manslaughter by motor vehicle    
12.  Misd. Death by MOTOR VEHICLE     
13.  Manslaughter while under influence of impairing substance  
14.  Assault by MOTOR VEHICLE       
15.  Speeding over 15 mph and attempt to avoid arrest   
16.  Willful prearranged racing of MOTOR VEHICLE   
17.  Watching/Betting/Loaning a car for prearranged racing  
18.  Two reckless driving charges within 1 year     
19.  Failure to Pay Child Support
20.  Revocation/Refusal of Probation for Felony 
21.  Conviction of any moving violation which is charged while license revoked
22.  Any subsequent conviction of DWLR
23.  Failure to appear in court (FTA) on any traffic citation
24.  Failure to pay fines/cost for any traffic citation
25.  License revocation for any reason in any other state.
26.  12 DMV driving license points within 3 years
27.  Dropping out of high school under 18 years of age
28.  Refusal to submit to blood/breath test 
29.  Being Charged with DWI     
30.  Conviction of Impaired Instruction    
31.  Aid and Abet DWI      
32.  Aid and Abet DWLR      
33.  Involvement in MOTOR VEHICLE accident with no vehicle insurance
34.  Two traffic citations within one year for provisional licensee 
35.  Violation of any terms/conditions of limited privilege
36.  Registering any amount of alcohol in vehicle equipped with interlock device
37.  CDL:  Leave scene of accident with CMOTOR VEHICLE   
38.  CDL:  Use CMOTOR VEHICLE to commit felony
39.  CDL:  Use CMOTOR VEHICLE with Haz. Materials to commit crime  
40.  CDL:  Use CMOTOR VEHICLE involving controlled sub.   
41.  CDL:  2 Serious traffic violations w/in 3 years involving CMOTOR VEHICLE  
42.  CDL:  3 Serious traffic violations w/in 3 years involving CMOTOR VEHICLE  
43.  CDL:  Operate CMOTOR VEHICLE with BAC .04 or more    
44.  CDL:  Operate CMOTOR VEHICLE with BAC .04 or more, Second Offense  
45.  Court order as part of suspended sentence
46.  Conviction/Circumstance of any of above that NCDMOTOR VEHICLE learns about.
47.  DMOTOR VEHICLE determination that Driver is physically/medically unfit to drive
48.  Driving a motor vehicle determination that Driver is mentally incompetent
49.  Underage purchase of Alcohol
50.  Providing alcohol to underage person
51.  Use of vehicle in commission of felony
52.  Failure to stop and provide aid
53.  Perjury or false statement to DMOTOR VEHICLE
54.  Second conv. of open container
55.  Conv. one charge of aggressive reckless driving
56.  Reckless Driving while engaged in illegal transport of intoxicants for purpose of sale
57.  False/Fict. Name on Drivers License application
58.  Driving school bus after consuming alcohol
60.  Second conviction of larceny of gas
61.  Failure to complete community service
62.  Malicious use of incendiary device to damage prop.
63.  Making False bomb threat
64.  Poss.  Explosive dev. On school prop. 
65.  Aid and Abet minor to poss.  Explosive device on school prop. 
66.  Allow another to fraudulent use DL
67.  DWI on military base or federal lands
68.  Speeding over 80 in a 70 mph zone
69.  DMOTOR VEHICLE shall not issue a license to a person previously adjudged "insane or an idiot, imbecile, or feebleminded"  NCGS § 20-9(d)
70.  Drive Moped with  over 49 CC while Lic. Rev. (this has to do with the size of the engine)
71.  DWI while riding a bicycle or lawn mower
72.  Three moving violations within one year   
73.  Four moving violations within one year   
74.  Willful and intentional failure to comply with the provisions of G.S. 20-79.2 governing transporter plates.


Wiley Nickel

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