Domestic Violence Law and Protective Order (DVPO) Hearings

A DVPO can lead to a year long “do not contact” order by the court.  A Domestic Violence Protective Order hearing is issued in response to a complaint by a person (the plaintiff) concerning physical abuse, or forthcoming threats of physical abuse. In response to the DVPO complaint, the Court may issue an order instructing the Defendant not to assault, threaten, or harass the plaintiff. The Court may also do considerably more, should they feel it's in the best interest of the victim. These actions may include: making temporary determinations concerning custody of children, ordering the defendant to attend anger management courses, or demanding that the defendant abstain from seeing the plaintiff. DVPO hearings can be stressful and complicated. To get help, when dealing with an upcoming DVPO hearing, please call us at 919-585-1486 to schedule a consultation.

Raleigh, NC Domestic Violence Protective Order Attorney

While filing for a Domestic Violence Protective Order (also known as a DVPO or a 50b) is designed to be a simple process, the assistance of an attorney is often very necessary. Our Raleigh lawyers offer their knowledge of domestic violence law to guide you through the process and help you secure a restraining order against the abusive party.

We’ll share expert legal advice, help you fill out paperwork and will proceed with you to domestic violence court in Wake County. As we partner with you to work on your case, we’ll explain your rights, the law and how it applies to your family and your children.  The goal is a one year long no-contact order and where custody of children is involved temporary custody determinations by the court.

If a person close to you has committed or threatened acts of violence to you or a family member, give The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC a call. Our Raleigh attorneys will offer compassionate support for your domestic violence issue as we work to defend your rights.

Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO)

A person may file an action for a Domestic Violence Protective Order, often called a DVPO or a 50b, if a person with whom they have had a present or past relationship has committed acts of violence or threatened acts of violence against that person or a family member. A DVPO is a civil action, which means that the abusive party will not have a criminal record. However, the party can be arrested for any violations of the order and a violation of a DVPO is a very serious offense.

If the parties have minor children, the Court can make an award of temporary custody and establish visitation rights, as well as provide for temporary child support. The orders can provide for limited contact between the parties only as it relates to the children. These custody orders are not meant to be the permanent; the Court encourages parties to file a Chapter 50 action to resolve the custody and support matters.

If you want a no contact order to keep someone away from you for up to a year a DVPO might be the appropriate course of action for you.  Contact Raleigh DVPO Lawyer Wiley Nickel at 919-585-1486 for a free consultation today!