Speed Competition Charge in North Carolina?

Have you been charged with “speed competition” or in other words, unlawful racing?  Here is some information about the law.

Pursuant to G.S. 20-141.3 it is considered a Class I misdemeanor to operate a motor vehicle on a street or highway in prearranged ‘speed competition’ with another motor vehicle.  It is considered a Class 2 misdemeanor to operate a motor vehicle on a street or highway in speed competition willfully with another motor vehicle.  The difference in the two is whether the ‘unlawful racing’ was prearranged.  If convicted of prearranged unlawful racing, penalties include a 3-year license suspension and the vehicle will be seized and sold at an auction.  Conviction of speed competition that is not prearranged may lead to a 1-year license suspension.  It is also considered a Class 1 misdemeanor to authorize or knowingly permit a motor vehicle to participate in unlawful racing or to place or receive any bet from the outcome. Applying for your license after 18 months is a possibility with filing and following a period of good behavior.

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